About Gonitec

Gonitec was founded in March 2015. Its mission consists in undertaking and promoting research, development and applications of radiation detectors. His founder has more than 15-year experience in the field.

Together with partners across Europe, Gonitec leads and participates today in projects funded by European institutions.

Its activities concern:

  • - the development of techniques able to enhance the performance of radiation detectors
  • - the exploitation of the response of radiation detectors for measurements of radioactive decays
  • - response characterization of radiation detectors, including radiation tolerance assessments

Gonitec also collaborates with academy and with international researchers and scientists for space applications of radiation detectors.

Gonitec is able to link the commercial needs of industry with fundamental research and facilities in academy.

Radiation detector application: acquisition of the gamma-ray signature of 40K (Potassium 40). More...